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daniel dayan teaching course at the new school

August 28, 2007

it turns out that daniel dayan, co-author (with elihu katz) of media events, will teach a course at the new school for social research in the fall. it is the course called ‘revisiting new media’ on the course directory page, with the instructor ‘tba’. well, that sure is some announcement. the course is mondays and wednesdays 04:00pm-06:00pm, starts 09/17 and ends in november. short course description from the new school follows:


ron suskind at columbia

August 24, 2007

on september 25, 07:oopm-?, ron suskind will deliver the poliak lecture in the lecture hall at the columbia journalism school. for further information regarding this event, please contact elizabeth fishman by sending email to or by calling 48619.

manuel castells at new school

August 22, 2007

manuel castells, highly regarded …, author of …, and so on and so forth will give the nathan w. levin lecture at milano, the new school for management and urban policy on friday, september 28, 06:00pm. more info and rsvp required here. looking forward to it.

john b. thompson at nyu

August 17, 2007

on november 1st, 06:00pm-08:00pm, john b. thompson, professor at cambridge university (uk) and author of the media and modernity, will give a lecture at nyu. more info should be forthcoming here.

media sociology forum

August 12, 2007

When: November 2, 2007, 09:00am-04:00pm
Where: 295 Lafayette (Puck Building/@Houston), 4th Floor conference room (4156A)
Keynote: John Thompson

Mass media have had a substantial impact on social life since their inception. By contributing to a shift in our relationship to time, space, others, and ourselves, media technologies and networks have played, and continue to play, important roles in the very conception of modernity and contemporary lived experience. Media sociology scholarship seeks to study media in their historical, economic, political, and social contexts. The production of media content, the effects of form on content and reception, audience studies, and organizational theory are just some of the areas that media sociologists explore.

Epistemological questions include: How does sociology, as a discipline, contribute to the study of media; to the way we conceptualize media; and to how we understand media? What is distinctive about the sociological approach in media studies? How does it differ from approaches that emphasize culture, history, economics, technology, and law, to name but a few?  Is there a “separate” sociology of media?  Can it stand alone?

The NYU/Columbia Media Sociology Forum is intended to continue to push the frontiers of this research.

[Schedule of panels to follow shortly]

contact sarah anne stonbely at for details.

‘conversations and communications’ conference

August 6, 2007

on october 5, 2007, 9am-5pm, the doctoral program in communications at columbia university gathers presenters, colleagues, students and admirers for a conference in memory of james w. carey.

panels include: history, media & technology; democracy and civic life; journalism education; james carey as a teacher.

rsvp required, please contact evelyn corchado at practical info here.