daniel dayan teaching course at the new school

it turns out that daniel dayan, co-author (with elihu katz) of media events, will teach a course at the new school for social research in the fall. it is the course called ‘revisiting new media’ on the course directory page, with the instructor ‘tba’. well, that sure is some announcement. the course is mondays and wednesdays 04:00pm-06:00pm, starts 09/17 and ends in november. short course description from the new school follows:

GSOC 5048
Revisiting Media Events
Fall 2007. Three Credits.
Daniel Dayan
The formulations offered in 1992 have been challenged on two counts.

(1) On a theoretical level, various forms of critique have pointed to
unexplored dimensions of the genre.

(2) On a descriptive level, historical transformations have taken the
genre in new and sometimes unexpected directions resulting (a) in a
banalization of the format, and (b) in a conflictualization of the

This seminar proposes a critical reevaluation of what is meant by Media
events today. It will be organized in 5 parts. Part I describes the
initial theory and the main critiques it received. Part II is devoted to
a reformulation of the 1992 book , in reference to types of events the
original formulation overlooked. Part III focuses on the emergence of
Media Events as a resource for Terrorism , and, more generally, on the
notion of dissensual Media Events. Part IV analyzes those Media Events
that focus on the spectacle of Death. Part V proposes a general
reformulation of the genre’s characteristics.

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