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ccc feedback seminar, ‘epistemology of media sociology’, stonbely

October 20, 2007

thursday october 25th, 08:00-10:00pm (after daniel dayan’s lecture), at the new school for social research, room 907b, 79 fifth avenue, ccc is hosting its monthly feedback seminar.

last time, seven graduate students from four universities showed up, and the discussion was very fruitful. and there is always room for more–so bring your physical body and your (academic, preferably) issues to the table. there will be drinks afterwards, for those so inclined.

the main presenter will be sarah stonbely (culture & communications, nyu), who will present work in progress under the title ‘epistemology of media sociology’–see abstract below.

abstract: what qualifies as sociology of media research? what is the intellectual history of this subfield? what are its foci, and its methods? what should media sociology research strive to be? barbie zelizer says of the sociology of journalism – and i think it applies just as well to sociology of media – that it emphasizes people, “with an eye both to the patterns by which they group themselves into organizational and institutional settings and to the surrounding structures, functions, and effects through which they work.” i further propose that media sociology research deals primarily with media that reaches some group of people (either mass or niche) and that the theory and methods used have to be sociological, meaning media must be understood in conjunction with social interactions. this discussion will outline the parameters of the field of media sociology. the intellectual exercise of codifying a field of research has its aims in a clearer understanding of what qualifies as media sociology research, which theories and methods are most appropriate, and which areas need further exploration.