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digital studio

February 1, 2008

robbie mcclintock of teachers college/columbia univeristy is organizing a ‘digital studio‘ that could turn out to be of interest for many of us.

new sociological imagination series at the new school

February 1, 2008

the new school continues to arrange sessions in their ‘new sociological imagination’ series, though they keep not advertising. so here is a little inside information courtesy amy stuart (thanks amy). both steven shapin, patricia clough, and richard sennett should be interesting for communications people.

rest is below, now with titles.

George Steinmetz     12/3     “The Historical Sociology of Historical Sociology”
Elizabeth Bernstein   1/24   “‘Bounded Authenticity’ and the Commerce of Sex”
Dominick LaCapra    2/7     “Witnessing, Trauma, and the Sublime”
Simon Critchley          2/21     “Violent thoughts about Slavoj Zizek”
Steven Shapin            3/13     “Science and the Modern World”
Patricia Clough           4/10      “Affect and Method: Toward a Theory of  the Social”
Viviana Zelizer            4/17      “Caring Everywhere”
Richard Sennett          4/24      “The Craftsman”
Michael Burawoy       4/30       “The Struggle for Public Sociology: a Bourdieusian Approach”
Diane Vaughan           5/1