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Thomas Elsaesser at Lang College/The New School, Feb 15

February 10, 2008

Lang College Culture and Media & The New School Graduate Media Studies present

“Tales of Epiphany and Entropy: Do-it-yourself Worlds on YouTube”

Thomas Elsaesser
Professor, Department of Media and Culture, University of Amsterdam
Visiting Professor, Film Studies, Yale University

The lecture presents the results of an ‘experiment’ with a set of search terms on
YouTube, to test what sort of ensembles (‘narratives’, ‘worlds’, ‘maps’, ‘journeys’,
‘derives’) the combination of YouTube tagging and human intentionality/net-serendipity
can produce. In this sense, the experiment is about matching different forms of agency
and contingency, moments of ecstasy and entropy. I shall refer to certain avant-garde
strategies – those of dada and surrealism, Baudelaire’s city walks and Guy Debord’s
derives – but the aim is to find out what sort of new knowledge can be generated from the
embedded data of Web 2.0 applications/sites.

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Room 510
66 W 12th St, 5th Fl
Light refreshments will be served

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