jonathan zittrain at nyu

THIS HAS BEEN MOVED TO APRIL 16 (thanks to celebdu for telling me)

jonathan zittrain is a visiting fellow at nyu law’s information law institute in the spring 2008. on april 15, they have a colloquium on ‘the future of the internet’, which happens to be the title of zittrain’s forthcoming book, so would it be to bold to suggest he may be the speaker?

it has been confirmed–zittrain is indeed the speaker. thanks to celebdu (see comment).

details below

Date: 6:00 – 9:00 PM Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Speakers: TBA
Title: The Future of the Internet
Location: Room 214, 40 Washington Square South

2 Responses to “jonathan zittrain at nyu”

  1. celebdu Says:

    Yes, Zittrain’s speaking that night, though I don’t know details. šŸ™‚

  2. celebdu Says:

    fyi, this event has been moved to wed the 16th, 6:30 @ NYU Law School’s Vanderbilt Hall, room 206. And it’s a bunch of speakers, including Zittrain, Tim Wu, Clay Shirky, and others.

    Abstract: What will come of the next decade on the Internet? We often
    take for granted the state of the net today, but there’s no guarantee
    that it will remain this way. Will the digital future be dystopian, or
    is there a brighter outlook ahead than some may believe? Our panelists
    — thinkers and net visionaries — will provide their perspectives on
    the future of the net, with backgrounds ranging from art, law,
    technology, politics, media, culture, and entrepreneurship. We will tap
    in to each speaker’s knowledge to provide a unique vision of the digital
    future, and will engage with members of the audience to further the
    exploration of what lies ahead.

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