media and ethics, carnegie council, april 3

The Workshop for Ethics in Business luncheon will explore the codes of
online conduct that are emerging as new media gains more influence in
political and business affairs. Going beyond commonsense ethical codes
on the Internet, such as honesty, accuracy, and transparency, this
panel will examine the relationship between money, the media, and the
health of American democracy. What role does private money play in
influencing elections and how does this influence play out in the
blogosphere? How is the media performing as a watchdog for our
political system? What companies and media organizations are advancing
a more ethical internet society?
Steven C. Clemons, publisher of The Washington Note, will speak on
political blogging, blogging ethics, and money in politics. PBS
Ombudsman Michael Getler will discuss standards of editorial integrity
in old and new media. Rita J. King of Dancing Ink Productions will talk
about the evolving ethics of virtual worlds and their use in public
diplomacy. New York University Professor of Journalism Jay Rosen will
draw on his experience as a press critic and innovator of new media
This event is cosponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton’s strategy+business
magazine and the NYU Center for Global Affairs, and is part of the
Ethical Blogger Project.
Speakers: Steven C. Clemons, Michael Getler, Rita J. King, Jay Rosen
Global Policy Innovations
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
170 East 64th Street
New York, NY 10065-7478
(212) 838-4120
(212) 752-2432 – Fax
Please send your RSVP to:

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