New York State Communications Association, call for papers

NYSCA 66th Conference

October 17-19, 2008

Hudson Valley Resort and Spa

Disciplinary Detachment in a Fragmented World?

Seeking Coherence, Continuity and Connection.

Systems theory tells us to see all the parts of the whole as related and interdependent, but has that holistic approach been compromised within the discipline of communication? Conversations at NYSCA, ECA, and NCA have addressed concern over the increased specialization and fragmentation of the discipline of communication, raising questions that merit consideration and discussion. Is there too much separatism among areas of study? Does specialization affect our ability to make a contribution to broad social problems? How do we, or can we, integrate specialized areas? Does there remain a common core of the discipline located among these microcosms? How should we structure undergraduate and graduate education within our discipline in order to promote any common ground?

The 2008 conference will focus on these questions and any issues relating to the coherence of the communication discipline. Papers and panels addressing these concerns and our roots, traditions, and common links are invited and encouraged. Of particular interest are panels that include participants with a common research topic but different contexts, e.g., Communication Apprehension in interpersonal, group, digital, or critical theory contexts. The potential topics are limitless.

Proposals unrelated to the conference theme, from a variety of theoretical traditions, are also welcome. We seek papers in all formats-formal & informal presentations, roundtables, participatory panels, demonstrations, media screenings, or other innovative ideas. Undergraduate and graduate student submissions are also welcome and will be considered for student paper awards.

Conference will be held October 17-19, 2008 at the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa in Kerhonkson, NY (

Submission Guidelines listed in attachment, or go to

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