Bernard-Henri Levy & Slavoj Zizek in NY

BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY & SLAVOJ ZIZEK: A Debate Instigated by Paul Holdengräber
Violence & the Left in Dark Times

those who want to see the (late) Elvis of social theory and an unspecified ‘rock star’ of public philosophy (one wonders, late Ringo Starr, perhaps?) can go spend their money at

Bernard-Henri Lévy, France’s “rock-star philosopher,” and Slavoj ZIZEK, the Slovanian “Elvis of cultural theory,” will scrutinize the totalitarianisms of the past as well as those of the future, as they argue for a new political and moral vision for our times and investigate the limits of tolerance.

Does the advent of capitalism cause more violence than it prevents? Is there violence in the simple idea of the neighbor? asks Zizek in Violence: Six Sideways Reflections.

Are human rights Western or Universal? How is it that progressives themselves-those who in the past defended individual rights and fought fascism-have now become the breeding ground for new kinds of dangerous attitudes, asks Lévy in Left in Dark Times: A Stand Against New Barbarism.

[thanks to Kristen Daly]

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