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September 9, 2008

OneWebDay, an Earth Day for the Internet, is coming up – it’s two weeks from
today.  You may want to use the occasion to raise broad questions about
digital divide issues, standards-compliance, network neutrality, censorship,
interconnection etc. with your classes.  Like Earth Day, OneWebDay is a big
tent.  For ten ways individuals can celebrate OneWebDay, go to

The theme this year is online participation in democracy.  The overall goal
of the effort is to create a global constituency that cares about the future
of the internet and is willing to get involved in good works and good

There are physical events going on in Copenhagen, London, Melbourne (where
they’ve wiki-fied planning for the city’s future), Tunisia, Oxford, Sofia,
Kiev, all over Israel, Bangalore, Chennai, and probably other places I don’t
know about yet.

In the U.S., there are events in Austin, Chicago (Future of Music – several
days), Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Portland (where they really know
how to use wikis), Milwaukee, NYC, San Francisco, and DC.

In particular, in NYC at noon on 9/22 there’s a OneWebDay rally in
Washington Square:  Moderator Sree Sreenivasan (WNBC-TV), plus Tim
Westergren (Pandora), Larry Lessig (Stanford), Craig Newmark (craigslist),
Dharma Dailey (Ethos Group), City Councilwoman Hon. Gale A. Brewer, John
Perry Barlow, Andrew Baron (Rocketboom), SJ Klein (OLPC).  Sree will be
taking questions texted to the group, and the whole thing will be webcast.

In San Francisco, the city is using OWD as an opportunity to install
wireless access in low-income housing, with the help of EFF.

In DC, they’re putting together a time-capsule of e-democracy efforts, to be
re-examined in 2020.

To see all the details, go to  If you do end up having
some kind of participatory event at your law school or other institution,
use #owd2008 as the tag, and the web streaming guidelines at

[thanks to Olivier Sylvain]

CCC social get-together

September 6, 2008

On Friday, September 12, we will have the first social get-together of the semester. Communications interested grad students from schools in the greater NYC area are cordially invited to join us at The Magician on the Lower East Side from 8 onwards.

Also on Facebook.