Contested Geographies in Wikipedia, Glaiyer and Reich, Columbia, April 27, 4-5.30pm

Contested Geographies in Wikipedia: An exploration of controversy on the web

Tom Glaisyer, PhD student in Communications, Columbia University, and Josh Reich,

Date / Time: 4 – 5.30 Monday April 27th Location: Room 107B Journalism School

Tom G writes:  I’ve been working with Josh Reich of on an analysis of controversy in Wikipedia around articles related to ongoing armed conflicts. We are at an early stage of analysis but have reached a point where feedback would be useful. The analysis is an attempt at revealing how Wikipedia is as much a negotiation tool as it is an encyclopedia. Our approach takes into account and builds on prior analysis by others though it explicitly looks at real conflicts and how they play out on Wikipedia rather than starting with wiki edit wars. Ultimately, we hope our final paper will incorporate thinking from fields well beyond those traditionally engaged in analysis of large scale conversation analysis on the web. Feel free to invite others, but do set the expectation that this is a “work in progress” and that we’re looking for feedback. Though there will be some technical discussion our hope is that the final product will prove interesting to anyone interested in information-architecture, conflict resolution, sociology, communications, and data analysis. Look forward to seeing you if you can make it.

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