Brian Larkin at NYU graduate conference, Oct 30

Media, Culture, and Communication

Neil Postman Graduate Conference

Friday, October 30, 2009

Helen Mills Theater, 137 West 26th Street, New York

Attendance at this conference is free and open as seating allows.
Please forward to faculty and students who may be interested in attending.

9:00                 Doors open | Coffee served

9:15                 Welcome

Marita Sturken, Chair

Rod Benson, Director of Graduate Studies

9:30                 Panel I – Vision, Sound and/as Commodity

Jamie Berthe, “Deconstructing Tarzan or Reconstructing Racial Hierarchies?”

Melissa De Witte, “Memory and the Spectacle: Phantom and fantasy in a new economy of the image”

Jennifer Heuson, “Soundscapes of the Black Hills: An acoustemology of the American West”

Faculty moderator: Martin Scherzinger

11:00               Panel II – Politics of Memory

Lisa Gitelman, “Daniel Ellsberg and the lost idea of the photocopy”

Hatim El-Hibri, “Sectarianism, Maps and Beirut: From the French Mandate through the end of the civil war (1920-1991)”

Christine Weible, “How the creation of museums and memorials at the site of the ex-ESMA is impacting collective memory of the Dirty War in Argentina”

Scott Selberg, “Cognitive Fever: Remembering Alzheimer’s at the National Library of Medicine”

Faculty moderator: Nicholas Mirzoeff

12:45               Lunch served

1:30                 Keynote
Brian Larkin, Anthropology, Barnard College, Columbia University

“The Mobility of Images and the Ethnography of Value:  Cinema in Nigeria”

2:45                 Break

3:00                 Panel III – Media Activism

Victor Pickard, “Crises and Opportunities in the Ongoing Struggle for Public Service Media”

Evan Brody, “(De)scribing Disease: Capitalist HIV imagery and cultural memory”

Dwaipayan Banerjee, “Media Activism in its Local Place: Lessons from Bhopal”

Marco Deseriis, “The Faker as Producer: Politics of fabrication and the three orders of the fake”

Faculty moderator: Allen Feldman

4:45                 Reception | Drinks served

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