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cam·pus [kam-puhs] : “the open space between or around the buildings”

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collective communications campus (ccc) aims to ease navigation in the open space between the graduate communications programs at universities in new york city. we post information about conferences and talks in town, provide a space for recommendations of courses and readings, and organize work-in-progress sessions and reading groups.

as per september 1, 2008, ccc has moved to the new site http://collectivecommunicationscampus.net/

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snippets of an email exchange on the word ‘communications’ in the name of this site:

“… the name of the blog doesn’t infer media, so are we limiting it to media? I’m all for limiting it to media cause I’m not doing any work on other forms of communication. …”

“… same. communications is really broad – rhetoric, inter-personal, etc. but do we run the risk of alienation possible contributors? …”

“… i’d say we keep it the title more broad than media, but the courses and much of the discussion focused on media stuff. we can do it all informally. and perhaps we can indicate on the blog’s ‘about’ page that we’re principally concerned with (mass) media. …”

“… ‘media’ is equally fluffy [and] several of the programs in the city carry [communications] in their name. i must also say that i’ve felt more at home at conferences and courses carrying that title, than in the field of media studies. as far as i’ve experienced it, media sociology seems to be closer to communications. now, i realize this opens up for some confusion due to the semantic overlap with ‘personal communication’ and a host of other fields, but I think those involved in the site should be able to find a modus vivendi. …”

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